e-Learning Solutions

Our highly skilled team is experienced in creating e-learning courseware that aligns with business goals. We help discerning clients to create high-quality and engaging training programs by leveraging our skills in instructional design and graphics.

We recognize that each customer has unique learning needs and have adopted the ADDIE Instructional Design model to develop custom, high-impact, and user-friendly digital learning experiences.

The ADDIE model has five phases: Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation. The outcomes of each phase are fed into the next phase. The following diagram shows the workflow in the ADDIE model.


The Analysis Phase

In this phase, the problem which the client wants to be solved by the product is clarified, the goal and objectives of the product are determined, and the knowledge, background, interests, and needs of end-users are identified.

The points that the developer must consider in this phase are:

  • Characteristics of the audience
  • The information which the user needs
  • Delivery alternatives
  • Time schedule for project accomplishment
  • Existing constraints
  • Planned budget

The Design Phase

The first step of the design process is defining the sequence in which the goal and objective will be satisfied. Then for each objective determined during the analysis phase, an appropriate solution is chosen. After that, the objectives, solutions and explanation of each section of the product are transferred to storyboards. Finally, a sample of the product is built.

Tasks in this phase are:

  • Applying strategies for design consistent with the content type
  • Generating the storyboards
  • Designing the user interface
  • Gathering or creating required data such as text, audio, and video
  • Creating a prototype which models the product layout and appearance

The Development Phase

In this phase, the developer turns the prototype to a complete solution by putting together the assets which were generated in the design phase. All the course pages are built and filled with content. The solution is now ready for testing. Testers will report bugs, typographic errors and undertake a critical review about overall design, effectiveness, and usability of the product. The solution is then revised according to the tester’s feedback.

Critical tasks in this phase are:

  • Programming codes for Navigation structure and Media such as controlling video, audio, or animation
  • Testing

      –  Proofreading content

      –  Test programming functionality

      –  Test usability and accessibility

  • Revising the product according to the feedback received

The Implementation Phase

In this phase, a plan is developed which determines the implementation timeline and procedures for delivering the final product. The client is also trained on how to maintain and update contents.

The Evaluation Phase

In this phase, the quality and effectiveness of the final product is determined by the systematic process of evaluation. Evaluation is also a part of each phase of this model and is a continual task. Formative and summative are two parts of the evaluation. Each progressing phase has a formative evaluation part which identifies the quality and effectiveness of each step. In summative evaluation the user has an opportunity to provide feedback.


As professional content developers, we approach our work with meticulous detail. Every work entrusted to us goes through a rigorous process that includes: Requirement Gathering, Design Document Structure, Content Scripting and Development, Content Assessment, Editing, Validation, Authentication, and Manuscript Checking.

We are experienced in conceptualizing, designing, and writing unique titles and descriptions as well as crisp and comprehensive content for a wide range of end-users. This includes articles, blogs as well as training and learning material.

At Triple Layers, we effectively blend your requirements with our excellent and clear writing style. Use our quick research capabilities to develop in-depth and informative finished publications that are engaging, appealing, and relevant.

A large list of clientele has regularly interacted with our experienced resources and we have carved a niche in the industry by ensuring swiftness and on-time deliveries.

Editorial Services

Triple Layers has the ability to quickly grasp content and polish it in an excellent and impeccable writing style. Use our high-quality drafting services that include an established team of excellent English Subject Matter Experts and Proofreaders to enhance your content.

Our stringent controls ensure that the final draft includes a quality check for correct domain-specific terminology, language check, flow check, consistency of text, and spelling. The manuscript is also checked for lapses in grammar, syntax, usage, and diction. A close watch is also maintained on plagiarism of content and value addition.

We endeavor to ensure that the output you get is informative, accurate, and absorbing.


Triple Layers have strong expeirnece develop PowerPoint presentations suitable for use by other businesses, * Aerospace manufacturing* Automobile manufacturing* Brewing Industry* Chemical Industry* Clothing Industry* Electronics* Engineering* Energy Industries* Metalworking* Steel production* Software engineering* Telecommunications Industry

News media | Leisure industry/hotels Consulting| Healthcare/hospitals | Waste disposal | Estate agents | Business services | Restaurants | Local government services | Central government services | Institution Education 

Create an effective and stunning Business PowerPoint Presentation that is appropriate for your audience. Access a wide range of templates or customize one to suit your business requirements. Communicate information in a clear and interesting way.


Triple Layers specializes in catering to diverse web designing needs. Our top design specialists create state-of-the-art dynamic websites using powerful applications. This ensures we provide business-centric web designs that communicate your message, using top notch templates to provide out-of-the-box solutions.


To get a classy Logo, Business Card, Brochure, Pamphlet, Mailer, Banner, or Flier specially designed for your business, get in touch with our creative team. See what can be achieved by sheer imagination. Our design team values your suggestions and is ready to revise designs to suit changing business needs.

To save you time and effort, access our in-house printing team for all your printing needs.


Join hands with our creative and experienced design team to create innovative, user-friendly apps in both iOS and Android platforms.

Our trendy apps are applicable for a wide range of uses including Music, News, Media & Advertising, Education, Multimedia, Sports, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Food & Drink, Healthcare, Travel, Weather, E-Commerce & Retail, Books, Reference, Business, Map & Navigation, Social Media, Utilities, Stocks & Shares and Finance.


Triple Layers are highly reckoned for landscape 3D architecture services, house design services, and other interior designing services. At Triple Layers, we use modern 3D development techniques to create quality products. We ensure the highest quality with keen attention to geometrical symmetry and technical details. Our excellent work in the fields of 3D architectural design has been highly appreciated.

A large list of clientele have regularly interacted with our highly experienced designers, and we have carved a niche in the industry by ensuring swiftness and on-time deliveries.


Traditional advertising and communication agencies continue to focus on Social Media, Television, and print media to reach an increasingly fragmented mass market. However, in reality, the audience has been massively individualized.

We recognize that an entirely new model of a full-service digital advertising and communications strategy is needed to serve the needs of clients in an increasingly complex 21st-century digital media environment.

Triple layers offer end-to-end Digital Marketing Advertising Services that specialize in building complete digital marketing solutions. This helps drive businesses and generates ROI(Return on investment) for our clients. We provide our clients with dynamic online communications solutions incorporating agreed brand values, and identity guidelines that are linked to database and CRM(Customer relationship management) programs.


Triple Layers specializes in the production of Corporate Videos and audio-visual corporate communication material.

Our level of sequencing and editing is on par with any major studio. We can take files in any amateur or professional format, convert them to a format that can be edited and exported to a finished professional file. The audio sequencing can then be edited to the final raw file.

Our expertise includes High-Definition Video Editing for Ad Films, TV Shows, Documentary, Short Films, and Corporate and Event Videos.

The other advantage is we have very low overheads. We use software that has been highly configured to our needs but doesn’t cost a fortune. This means we can pass the savings on to our customers.