About Us


Triple Layers is a Digital e-learning Consultant consultant based in Chennai. Started by a group of skilled professionals in 2007 as a graphic design company, Triple Layers has now expanded to provide a wide range of multimedia consultancy services with a strong focus on process and quality.

Triple Layers offerings are designed to provide versatile and customizable solutions. We constantly endeavour to improve and support your needs through comprehensive, innovative, and affordable products.


Our range of multimedia offerings spans e-Learning, Content Development, Editorial Services, PowerPoint Business Presentations, Web Design Services, Graphic Design Services, and Development of Mobile Business Apps. Our solutions are designed to be versatile and are customized to suit various business requirements.

Equipped with the latest tools required for developing multimedia solutions, we strive to deliver innovative solutions at an affordable price.

Our services comprise three specialized units: e-Learning Consultancy Services, Business Services, and Other Services.

Triple Layers consultancy services provide cutting-edge e-learning solutions to Corporate Industries and Institutions. We have created e-Learning solutions spanning HR Induction and Soft skills, Retail, Compliance, and ITIL Service Management certification requirements, and assisted in the migration of existing courses to Articulate Storyline HTML5. Keeping you in mind, all our products are customized to suit various business needs.

Specialist in 3 types of E-learning:

Lesson-based learning:
In a Simple way saying Lesson-based Learning means a method of sequencing action in your lessons. Example: English – Chapters – Sections

Course-based learning: Work-based learning (WBL) is an educational strategy that provides students with real-life work experiences where they can apply academic and technical skills and develop their employability. Example: Fashion & Design, Soft Skill 

Video-based learning: Watching a video and to teach knowledge or skills.